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The Organic Garden and Food Buying Group of Northwest Indiana (OGFBGNWI) is a group of families/ individuals in Northwest Indiana and surrounding areas who come together to buy in bulk. They choose natural and organic products, non-GMO and locally farmed items. The point of this group is to work together and save money.
To participate, register on their website:

Janel Hyland started Organic Garden and Food Buying Group of Northwest Indiana initially to do a group heirloom seed purchase. It has expanded as group members request and investigate other opportunities for volume purchase savings.

Janel is a wife, a mother of four, an avid vegetable gardener and food preservationist committed to living greener.

Below is a link from the July 23, 2012 interview featuring Host Kathy Sipple interviewing Janel Hyland about OGFBGNWI.

Listen to the podcast.

Mentioned in this episode: natural parenting, vegetable gardening, heirloom seeds, food co-ops, local honey, saving money, Food Just Sayin’

4 thoughts on “Organic Garden & Food Buying Group of NWI”

  1. I am trying to register at the OGFBGNWI website, but it sends me to the site, and they send me right back again. I’m caught in a viscous circle. What am I doing wrong? or what is not working?

    1. Valerie, sorry — just saw this comment and it’s actually cut off so not sure about what the rest says after “an they…”

      I’m not sure I have a current email for Janel, the site admin, but we are connected on Facebook. I just messaged her there. Hope to have a better answer for you soon.


  2. ogfbgnwi – OGNWI‎
    Warning! Only registered members are allowed to access this section. Please login below or register an account with OGFBGNWI.

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