Host Kathy Sipple speaks with Linda Rosenthal, organizer of this event about her work with the Pachamama AllianceWe will explore 4 questions about both the urgency and the opportunity of the times we live in and how you can become an active participant in bringing forth an environmentally sustainable, socially just, spiritually fulfilled human presence on the planet.

  1. Where Are We?
  2. How Did We Get Here?
  3. The New Story – What is Possible Now?
  4. Where Do We Go From Here? – What is mine to do?

Come with an open heart and mind to be inspired to take action. You will realize that you are part of a larger un-named, unstoppable groundswell of creative, committed people around the world generating the energy to make a difference in how the future unfolds for all life on our one Mother Planet Earth.
The symposium will take place on Sunday, September 25th at Unity of Northwest Indiana. Click this link for more details.

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