WLC #1219 GreenConnect Founder Kathy Sipple co-authored a book called Women Living Consciously, Book 2. The book achieved best selling status in multiple categories within the first day on sale. Sipple’s chapter was about her love of gardening, especially the aspect involving composting household food waste with Eisenia fetida.

Sipple graduated from the Master Recycler & Composter program offered through the Recycling & Waste Reduction District of Porter County in Spring 2014. The program, introduced by staffer Donna Stuckert, was the first of its kind in the state of Indiana.

The curriculum included field trips, one field trip was the Newton County Landfill, the second largest by volume in the country.Transformational Magic Though seemingly well run, it bothered Sipple to learn that such a high percentage of the waste that ended up sealed in the landfill was compostable. Her chapter explores that revelation and how she urges others to try to make a difference by composting at home.

The full book is available on Amazon.com or you can download the chapter for free. Sipple is available for book signings, as well as workshops or educational talks about vermicomposting.

Elgin, Illinois artist and environmentalist Kathy Haerr created this illustration as a cover for the downloadable eBook.

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