Be it Resolved: Allowing deep water offshore oil drilling is in the best interest of the United States. Chesterton H.S. will take the affirmative and Valpo will take the negative side.

This annual event, sponsored by the Valparasio Chain of Lakes Watershed Group, LLC has been well attended by young and old, conservative and liberal, pro and con on each issue.

As in the past, we have been granted the largest and most prestigious room – the Chambers – on the first floor of our county’s administration building, 155 Indiana Avenue, Valparaiso. The debate will begin at 7 PM sharp.

No food or drink is allowed in the room but our organization (the Valpo Chain of Lakes Watershed Group) will host a Q & A pizza party at Greeks Pizza (one block east) immediately following the debate.

The purpose of this demonstration debate is more for fun, inspiration & motivation of the general public and to build appreciation of the importance of debating environmental issues, trying to see both sides of an argument and recognizing the talent of our student teams. The students appreciate the chance to show off their skills and inspire  others to sharpen their own. Each year those who attend are in awe of the abilities displayed by these award-winning debaters. We typically receive considerable press coverage including full page color photos of the debaters from both the Valpo and Chesterton teams and a summary of the arguments they present.

Our advisory board will meet at 6:30 PM to conduct business prior to the debate.

For more info, contact Walt Breitinger at (219) 462-5821




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