Create a common voice within the region to promote Urban Agriculture and Community Gardens. Challenge community, business and civic leaders to lay the foundation for the growth of sustainable community gardens in every South Shore municipality.

Main Objectives:

  • Education: Promote community pride and empowerment through hands on teaching. Bring together the passion of the farming and gardening communities with the able hands of community members in need of learning new skills. Workshops targeting school age children through adults to be taught by Purdue Master Gardeners, local farmers, and volunteers.
  • Food Production: Create a viable farm market location within each city where residents can source a reliable stream of vegetables, flowers, and other local food.
  • Health and Nutrition: Local and Homegrown vegetables lead the path to improved eating habits of the surrounding community.
  • Community Involvement: Strengthen the roots of communities from the ground up. Offers the opportunities
  • Job Creation: Teach new skills, and spur growth in retail and manufacturing of specialty and local food products produced from our farming.
  • Value Added Products: Creating marketable goods ranging from salsa’s and preserves to eggs and compost.

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