Kingsbury Fish & Wildlife Area is dedicated to providing quality hunting and fishing opportunities while maintaining 7,100 acres of grasslands, crop fields, thick brush, marsh areas and a 20 acre lake. The Kankakee River forms its south boundary.

Kingsbury is a remnant of the old Kingsbury Ordinance Plant which produced shells, cartridges and mortar rounds for World War II and the Korean conflict. The land was deeded to the state of Indiana in 1965 by the federal General Services Administration, and wildlife management began at that time.

Most revenues used in land acquisition, development, operation and maintenance of Kingsbury Fish and Wildlife Area are derived from the sale of hunting, fishing and trapping licenses. Funds are also received from the federal Pittman-Robertson and Dingell-Johnson programs to aid fish and wildlife restoration. These funds are derived from taxes levied on sport hunting and fishing equipment. Indiana hunters, anglers and trappers are proud to provide this property for the enjoyment of all people.

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