Sticker shock best describes the feeling right now across the Great Lakes Region lately if you’ve seen the price of gasoline.  Prices are nearly 50% higher now then they were at this time last year.  With many gas stations hovering near or over $4.00 a gallon, the word heard so much two years ago is back… staycation.  It’s the get out and enjoy summer without going too far from home, too far for the family gas budget.  Beyond the Beach is the perfect location for that staycation, whether you’re from NW Indiana or other parts of the Great Lakes.  The Riviera of Lake Michigan, as they call it.

Many parents begin to sign up their kids for various summer camp experiences to allow them to fully enjoy the summer (and get them out of their parent’s hair!).  Just as prices for gas have risen, so has seemingly every other recreational enjoyment out there.  But, not at the Indiana Dunes State Park.  It’s Dunes Explorer Nature Summer Camp series is the low cost summer camp alternative to those pricey $400 summer camp programs.  At under $100, there are several 3 day camp options, from overnight camping experiences to the traditional day camp outing, to fit every camper’s needs and desires.

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