As a granite countertop salesperson, Julie would regularly walk past the shop dumpster and notice all of the incredibly beautiful stone that was being thrown away. Unfortunately, up to 30% of a granite slab is disposed of because it’s not large enough to create a countertop. So she started to dumpster dive and pick out various granite scraps to create mosaic projects. Bound-and-determined, she knew there was a better way to make use of those millions of pounds of granite scraps that are thrown away everyday across America by granite fabricators.

In August, 2008, was born!  After months of research, she found her first stone-recycling machine that would revolutionize the entire industry.  Since then, several new machines have been introduced which can be seen on  Her drive, determination and diligence have taken her across the United States. She has united other stone recyclers and created a national association to promote stone recycling called the Certified Stone Recyclers Network.

To date, Julie and her network of stone recyclers have saved an estimated 5,000,000 pounds of granite and stone scraps from being dumped into landfills across America.

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