As part of VU’s efforts to become a more socially responsible university, the Valpo MBA program is now offering a graduate Certificate in Sustainability. After completing a bachelor degree, or while enrolled in a VU master’s program, a student may choose to take four additional courses, eight (8) additional credits and receive the graduate Certificate in Sustainability.

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The program is part-time and is completed in two (2) eight week terms beginning in August only.  The start date for 2011 is August 22 and the deadline to submit materials is July 22, 2011.

The four additional courses include:

  • MBA 702 Managing Sustainability – 2Cr.
  • MBA 703 Forces Affecting Sustainability – 2Cr.
  • MBA 704 Case Studies in Sustainability – 2Cr.
  • MBA 705 Fieldwork in Sustainability – 2Cr.

Tuition for 2011-2012 is $710 per credit hour.  For financial aid information, please visit

Admission requirements for U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents include:

Online Application

Application Fee $30 check payable to Valparaiso University

One Letter of Recommendation

Certified official transcripts sent from all undergraduate/post-undergraduate institutions attended

Resume listing all professional work experience

New Course Descriptions

MBA 702 – Managing Sustainability (Offered Fall I only)
Students will study the new technologies required for innovation, as well as learning management tools like ISO 14001, GRI (Global Reporting Innitiative) and AA (Account Ability).
MBA 703 – Forces Affecting Sustainability in Business (Offered Fall II only)
This course focuses on the legal, legislative, and market forces affecting the required environmental standards, incentives, and profitability of sustainability practices in today’s global business environment.
MBA 704 – Case Studies in Sustainability (Offered Fall I only)
Class will study sustainability programs initiated by companies around the world.  Course will focus on lessons learned, implementation issues, best practices, and measuring success from both an environmental and financial perspective, as well as learning how to conduct an environmental audit using GRI audit tools.
MBA 705 – Fieldwork in Sustainability (Offered Fall II only)
Students will participate in team field projects in sustainability. Projects include conducting a GRI audit, implementing an ISO 14001 certification, conducting sustainability workshops and identifying sustainability opportunities in the local community.

Valparaiso University Graduate School and Department of Continuing Education, in compliance with the Gainful Employment Disclosure Act, presents this information to you on our Title IV Eligible certificate programs.

PROGRAM:  Sustainability Certificate

CIP Code:  30.3301

Number of weeks allowed for completion:  72

Credit hours:  8

Type:  Semester

Tuition Fees:  $6280

Book Fees:  $600

Additional Fees:  $100 per semester

Credits transferrable to degree program:  Yes

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