Guest host Emily Russell of Russell Health & Wellness speaks with Dr. Biljana Uzelac, MD. Dr. Uzelac got interested in living healthy because of her upbringing. Growing up in Serbia, she grew up eating all-natural and all-organic food cooked by her mother and grandmother. When Dr. Uzelac came to the U.S. in her 20’s was the first time she was exposed to fast food and giant supermarkets.

Her tips:

  • Never stop at the center of the supermarket – that’s where they keep all the junk!
  • Never buy anything that your grandmother wouldn’t recognize
  • Always look at the ingredients
  • Don’t buy food with ingredients you can’t pronounce
  • If you see an ad for it, it probably isn’t good – you don’t advertise apples because you already know they’re good for you!

Wherever she goes in the world, Dr. Uzelac tries to take a cooking class. One thing that awed her in Vietnam was that there were no refrigerators! How could you not have freezer meals?! Although it is difficult to compare this type of lifestyle to one in the U.S., it is nice to note how physically NOT being able to have those empty-calorie-filled meals.

Dr. Uzelac additionally speaks on how difficult it is to break a sugar addiction. Her suggestion? Take it slow. If you try to quit too quickly, intense cravings can follow. Cut your consumption in half, and after, that half in half…continue until your or your child’s cravings slow. She additionally suggests to go to more natural options. For example, if you or your child is accustomed to milkshakes, try switching to a healthy smoothie (with your own freshly squeezed juices, of course!)

You will also learn that water is your best friend. Water fills you up and is an extremely healthy alternative to sugary drinks that we oftentimes come to desire throughout the day.

Living what she practices and preaches, Dr. Uzelac can be found here.


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