NWI Food Swap

Listen to the podcast interview.

219 GreenConnect host Kathy Sipple speaks with Toni Snearly, founder of NWI Food Swap.

Register for the March 10th event at Mothering By Nature in Valparaiso.

According to Food Swap Network, a food swap is a recurring event where members of a community share homemade, homegrown, or foraged foods with each other. Swaps allow direct trades to take place between attendees, e.g., a loaf of bread for a jar of pickles or a half-dozen backyard eggs. These events are a delicious way to diversify the homemade foods in your own pantry while getting to know members of your local food community.

This particular NWI Food Swap will take place throughout the counties of Starke, Porter, LaPorte and Marshall, located in northwest Indiana (surrounding areas may be included.) Locations will depend on availability of venues. You don’t have to live in a particular county to be involved. It just depends on how far you are willing to drive.

Toni promises, “Once you attend one food swap, you’re going to want to attend them all…they are just THAT fun.”

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